Lacking knowledge about proper sensual rights also has been found to result in teenage unwed pregnancies. It has been seen often times that when a child grows in the absence of parent then he/she usually become incompetent to understand properly that when it is the correct time to begin sensual relationships. Caroline is also a girl who lived with his father only, since her child hood, her parent were got separated when she was only of 13. After reaching the teenage, she got fallen in love with one of his college mates and after being in a relationship with him for many months she lost her virginity with him. At that time, she did not know that what she has done was right or wrong but she knew somewhere that she had done something wrong. Being young, she did not aware of the contraceptives and about which she had never been taught as well, she had engaged in an unprotected sensual act. Consequently, she got pregnant, about which she came to realize when she visited the doctor for a checkup of her unusual sickness.

Caroline cried a lot, but at last, she did not lose hope and visited the gynecologist who suggested her to consume RU486 Pills to annihilate her pregnancy. She engulfed RU486 pills, which within a pair of days ended her unwed early pregnancy.

RU486 Pills are the remarkable abortion pills that are used by women to abolish an early pregnancy of lower than 7 weeks. A large number of women across the globe choose these pills owing to their high accuracy of abolishing a pregnancy in a natural and painless manner. An FDA approved generic Mifepristone is the main working element, which embodied in RU486 Pills.

RU 486 Abortion Pills

Mifepristone (an antiprogestin) manifests antagonistic action on progesterone hormone as its stop release of progesterone in the female body. An interruption in progesterone release retards fetus from growing further due to the blockage of oxygen, blood and nutrition supply to the fetus. The diminution of the body's progesterone level induces the shedding of the uterine wall leads to the withdrawal of the fetus from the mother's womb. It also originates relaxation and broadening of the cervix, which facilitates fetus to expel out with ease from the mother's womb.

You need to swallow three pills of Mifepristone having dose strength of 200mg each with a vast amount of water, on an empty stomach. After maintaining a lapse of two days, you have to take a follow-up with the gynecologist to affirm your abortion. If a complete abortion fails to happen, then you have to take two pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each) which can be taken by orally or vaginally. You need to visit a clinic again after leaving a space of two days to make sure that complete abortion has done.

Annoying effects with RU486 Pills are such as exhaustion, nausea, back pain, headache, diarrhea, stomach cramp or pain, vaginal bleeding, and wooziness.

Safety instructions with RU486 are such as you need to stay away from performing any laborious task while using these pills. Women associated with ectopic pregnancy or having the pregnancy of more than 49 days and who are hypersensitive to Mifepristone are not allowed to use RU486.Eschew ingestion of alcoholic drinks, grapefruits or its juices. Taking out intrauterine device earlier placing RU486 Pills is necessary in the case of intrauterine device user women.

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