Medical abortion is a procedure, which involves intake of Mifeprex to terminate unwilling pregnancy in females. Nowadays, a number of ladies select medical abortion just because of privacy or secrecy.

Medical abortion is a safe and secure process; it is widely accepted way to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. In earlier days, abortion was very painful and hectic due to surgical process, but nowadays, with the advancing medical technology, abortion becomes a safer and painless with the help of pregnancy terminating kit. Mifeprex is a new means to finish your pregnancy and it is considered as medical abortion.   

About more than 40% of females throughout the entire world take MIFEPREX to end pregnancy. The selection of abortion is not an insignificant issue for most of the females but in certain unfavorable conditions, it is mandatory for the safety of female. In spite of these things, the rate of abortion is increase nowadays. When the name of safe and painless abortion, medical abortion comes is always preferred above in comparison to surgical abortion. It is safe and time saving process of abortion.

Detailed note on Mifeprex-

Mifeprex is an advanced solution to finish the undesired pregnancy of less than 9 weeks (63 days). It encloses active drug generic Mifepristone, which falls under the assembly of Anti progesterone. It is especially indicated to end an intrauterine pregnancy happened due to forced sexual intercourse or rape, failure of any birth control or contraceptive pills. It offers an advantage of non invasive and risk free means of termination of unintended pregnancy.

The drug Mifepristone contains Prostaglandins, which shows their effective actions by blocking the action of progesterone. The hormone Progesterone plays an important role in the development of fetus because it provides nutrient and oxygen to the developing fetus inside the womb of female.

Know the mode of administration-

Before consuming the Mifeprex, firstly confirm your pregnancy and remove your all IUD devices.

Mifeprex contains total 3 tablets of Mifepristone in the strength of 200mg.

Abort Your Pregnancy With Mifeprex Birth Control Pills

The method of administration of Mifeprex involve two process-

  • On day 1, you have to consume 3 tablets of Mifepristone (200mg) via the oral route with a sufficient amount of water.
  • After two days, visit a nearby hospital for the confirmation of complete termination of pregnancy.
  • In case of incomplete abortion after taking Mifepristone, get 2 tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg) via the vaginal or oral route.
  • To confirm complete abortion, it is compulsory to visit the doctor after 14 days of consuming Misoprostol.

Consumption of Mifeprex contraindicated in certain medical condition like breastfeeding, hepatic or renal failure, blood related disorders like anemia, leukemia, asthma and high level of cholesterol in the blood.  

Common adverse effects caused by Mifeprex include Abdomen pain, heavy bleeding, diarrhea, nausea, pain in the pelvic region, cramps, muscle pain, annoyance, anxiety, painful vaginal bleeding along with blood clots.

Safety tips-

  • Don't get Mifeprex in case of ectopic pregnancy as this drug may break the fallopian tube.
  • In case of painful and prolong vaginal bleeding, and persistent fever, consult to the gynecologist.
  • Mifeprex causes tiredness, so avoid the drinking of alcohol while taking this drug.
  • Do not perform or operate any machinery work while consuming this drug as it cause drowsiness.
  • Don't get this medicine, if you are not confirming about your pregnancy time.
  • Females under the age of 17 years should not get this therapy.

 Mifeprex is an outstanding drug for unwanted pregnancy of less than 63 days. Buy Mifeprex online at very low price from our drug store.