A female may choose the way to abortion due to several grounds; that may or may not allow the women's mood to give birth to a baby. The most vital reason that brings about termination of pregnancy includes health  related concern for a  women or a baby,  financial base, birth defects, health   rape or any other societal obligations, might not privileged you rejoice over to become a mother of your child.

Thus If the final and firm decision should be carried out  to proceed with abortion , she may have two choices in according to her situation and ease, the first one is use surgical abortion that required competent legal medical practitioner  and second is medical abortion which involves use of abortion pills. As most; women do not prefer surgical abortion on various grounds like needs lots of physical effort, time and money, and that too associated with lack of confidentiality, but the but interestingly; by going with medical abortion, it is very easy, safe secure and effective approach to execute termination of pregnancy and that too with lack those shortcomings, occurs in surgical abortion.

FDA approved MTP kit, well known and most widely accepted in women all around the world due to its outstanding safety and efficacy in different female. MTP kit possesses key pharmaceutical ingredient Mifepristone (one tablet) and Misoprostol (four tablets).

  • The unique mechanism of action of Mifepristone exerts by wipe out the fetus from the mother's womb and antagonizes the property of progesterone hormone, (a naturally occurring hormone in female and has an essential role to maintain pregnancy)
  • Misoprostol, when administered; it contracts the uterine muscles effectively, so that fetus can be expelled out easily.

To make a firm judgment, you should think over, factors such as beliefs, health, age, values, current situation and potential goals and make your decision accordingly. By MTP Kit, your decision could be easier, effective and reliable.

In what manner a female should use MTP Kit?

To carry out a successful abortion; MTP kit should be used in following manner as follows -

One dose of Mifepristone (contains 1 tablet of 200mg) is to be consumed orally with a sufficient glass of water on day 1 and subsequently after 2to3 days, it is advised to take 4 tablets of each 200mcg each) of Misoprostol should be administered orally or vaginally.

  • It is recommended that a female; should follow-up a clinical visit about 14 days after the use of Mifepristone to get confirmation about termination of pregnancy.

What is the undesired effect, a female may come across while using MTP kit?

  • Women can have some momentary side effects while using MTP kit; these effects include abdominal cramping, bleeding, mood swings, and fatigue. A female may possibly have other side effects that depends upon the response of this medication, in that case consult with your healthcare providers.

 What are the safety measures a women should carry out while using MTP kit-

  •  A female must avoid this abortion pills in certain medical as well as other individual condition like if she is having ectopic pregnancy i.e. a pregnancy outside the uterus and allergic to MTP kit or any other chemical components.
  • Before taking MTP kit; remove, if any IUD (a type of contraceptive devices inserted into uterus) , you have.
  • Do not take it in case you are having pregnant or breast feeding mother.
  • and chronic adrenal failure.

 From, where to purchase this product?

Buy MTP Kit online and gain an unbeaten and efficient abortion means that to in a safe manner.  Attributes of MTP Kit is of high standard and using this product in future pregnancy cases will not lose the hope for a women, and to stay away from her phobic states.