Pregnancy is a major and glad event in the life of every female, so, it should be a well planned step. You will fully responsible to continue your pregnancy or not. If you are not ready emotionally, physically and financially, so it is best to take Birth control pills to avoid your pregnancy.

 How to Avoid Unexpected Pregnancy with Ovral-L

Earlier days, many females were using a natural method to avoid pregnancy, but these methods were not giving the best and effective result. It is good to get the modern method to avoid your pregnancy.

There are several methods are available in the market, which are very useful for prevention of pregnancy. All these methods are totally different in actions as well as effectiveness. You should always choose the contraceptive method as per your convenience. Before taking any method of contraceptive, it is very important to get complete details of method. It is comfortable for you and your partner.

Get Ovral-L for prevention of pregnancy:

Ovral-L is an oral preparation, which is used by the females to prevent from undesired pregnancy. It is a unique blend of two main active constituents like Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl estradiol. It is very effective in case of missed doses of birth control pills and breakage of condom. It is a hormonal method, which contains progesterone and estrogen. It shows their valuable actions by altering the uterine lining of females and makes the thick vaginal fluids, so that's sperms are unable to attach with egg of female and prevent the fertilization process.

  • It also stops the process of ovulation (release of an egg from the ovary) in females.
  • It stops the implantation of egg.

Beside pregnancy prevention, birth control medications are also used for the treatment of blood loss, painful periods, Acne (pimples), dysmenorrheal pain, endometrial cancer, reduces the risk of ovarian cysts.

Doses of Ovral-L:

It is recommended to take 21 tablets on a regular basis up to 21 days, after a gap of 7 days, you can start a new pack of Ovral-L.  If you are starting a fresh course of this medication then you should consume a single tablet of Ovral-L on the first day of your menstruation. This tablet should be taken as orally with a full glass of water. Don't get twofold of medicine at one time as it may cause overdose symptoms.

Ovral-L has very mild adverse effects like nausea, stomach pain, cramps, severe headache, abnormal period and muscle pain.

Safety and precautions:

  • Don't use alcohol along with this drug.
  • Avoid the consumption of any other birth control pills along with Ovral-L.
  • This drug is strictly avoided by pregnant and lactating mothers.
  •  It is not prescribed to those females, who have a history of migraine, cardiac disorder and unexpected vaginal bleeding.
  • Teenager's girl under the age of 17 years should not get this drug.

Contraindications of Ovral-L:

  • Don't get this drug in case of patients having an allergy towards generic Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl estradiol.
  • In case of certain medical conditions like kidney, liver, asthma, jaundice, diabetes and blood related disorders, avoid the use of this drug.

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