The most embarrassing part of the man's life is his inability to satisfy the sensual needs of his partner. The men longevity to perform sensuality in the bedroom is often the index of his manliness. The more he can hold his erection the longer he becomes able to raise the temperature of the bedroom and dominate the women like a king & this is what a woman expects from his partner! Sensuality is a universal desire and women are found more passionate about the same. They want their men to direct them in sexual ways so that she can enjoy the utter pleasure of her dream or can moan with an equally high pitch which she had seen in the latest sensual videos.

A woman body is designed by nature is such a specific way that a man can’t hold back his hands and fingers to tickle back once he see the women in nude. The inability of keeping an erection for the duration unless the women have reached the state of climax is a big failure of men’s potency and a question to virility. The state of the flaccid penile erection of men is a sexual disorder which is known by the name Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence. The disorder has many natural ways available for the procurement of lost sensual energy in men but the most instant and efficacious approach to treat such case is through a ED medicine known as Cenforce 100mg.

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Generic Sildenafil citrate is the active drug ingredient present in brand Cenforce. The mechanism through which the medication regulates its therapeutic efficacy over the patient is stopping the PDE5 enzyme to breakdown the molecule of cGMP. Henceforth, there occurs the accumulation of cGMP molecules in excess within the penile tissues that acts to dilate the blood supplying vessels and relax the groin region tissues to allow a huge amount of blood directly to the male lower body used in lovemaking activity.

You don’t have to remember the daily intake time of this dosing as this is the pill you have to swallow at the time of need only. Means you have to gulp the dosing an hour before you’re thinking of lovemaking with only a glass of water. The dosing range in which Cenforce medicine is available includes 50mg, 100mg, 150mg & 200mg. Take this pill without chewing/breaking. This medicine has a long-term effect in men body that last for min 4-5 hours. The patient can repeat this dosing only after 24 hours else Priapism is the case associated with pill.

Some adverse effects of taking Cenforce pills are nausea, red inflamed eyes, breath shortness, stiff back, dry intimate area and a bit of tearing in the penile skin. Some Advisory tips for men taking a dose of Cenforce are avoiding the beverages like grapefruit juice, alcohol, and coffee. Don’t take junk and oily foods. Should avoid nitrates medicine simultaneous use with the Cenforce drug.

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