Bags packed…clothes+ watch+ Perfume+ Book+ chips packet….Everything checked, you told your mom. Your mom gives you a packet wrapped in a paper. What is this, you asked to her and she told you that it is “Yasmin- birth control pills”. With surprising eyes when you glare at your mother she specified that you have grown up now and moving to the province, where rape, and having a boyfriend is so common but you have to move in because of your career so it better to take these pills with yourself.

Well, you have moved to another place now and are sharing your flat with a man. Till now you are not involved in any physical relationship but you had started taking Yasmin pills as you never know what happens and it is better to take precaution if you do not want to get pregnant and want to give your full attention to your work. One day, in a drunken state you get physical with flat mate but the good news is you did not get pregnant because you are taking birth control pills. You did not know that he had used contraception or not but you did not pay attention to it all because you get your periods on your expected date.

In today’s world, it is very important that a woman should start taking Yasmin pill because she never knows, what can happen to the next moment. It is better to stay alert for the unknown upcoming moments and when you are ready to pregnant stop taking these pills. It is a completely safe way of planning your life as if you some important works and not ready to get pregnant then you need to take Yasmin pill that also reduces the chances of abortion. Many times, abortion cannot be possible because of many conditions, so the only option remains to continue the pregnancy and spend whole life with broken dreams.

The key compounds present in Yasmin pills are Drospirenone and Ethinylestradiol. These generic medicines aim together to discard any chance of pregnancy. The first action of these drugs to stop the release of an egg at the time of menstrual cycle and thus delays the ovulation. The second action of this medicine is to make vaginal fluid thicker so that sperm does not get connected with egg and inhibits fertilization. The third act of this medicine is to change the lining of the uterus so that fertilized egg does not get attached to the uterus. Lastly, the egg gets to pass out of the woman’s body.

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How to take Yasmin pills?

One pack of Yasmin has 28 pills among which 21 are known as active pills (including hormones) and 7 pills are known as reminder pills (without hormones). You should take one active pill once a day for the 21 days continuously and then after taking last active pill; you need to take reminder pills, one tablet per day for 7 constant days. In 3 days, you will get your periods. After finishing this packet, you need to start up with a new pack without considering periods.

Yasmin pills may cause some side effects like nausea, fluctuation in weight, bloating, stomach cramping, vaginal itching or uneasiness.


  • Quit smoking when you start taking Yasmin otherwise, there are chances of blood clots, stroke, and heart attack.
  • Yasmin pills cannot be taken during pregnancy, immediately stop taking Yasmin pills if you are pregnant or missed two periods in a row.
  • Use of Yasmin pills is restricted in an adrenal gland disorder.

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