It is a very difficult question for couples that whether to have lovemaking activity or not. It suggests that they have to take responsibility to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy and STDs. Abstinence is a much effective tool to protect pregnancy and STD. There are various methods used to control unwanted pregnancy including birth control pills, birth control ring or shot, condoms, diaphragm, spermicides, IUD, emergency contraceptives. The birth control pills are most effectively used to prevent pregnancy among all. These are hormonal preparations that contain combination of two hormones called estrogen and progestin or progestin alone. This incidence of becoming pregnant becomes much less while using birth control pills.

The introduction of birth control pills was started with the social revolution in 1960. It was the decade when the open attitude towards sexuality existed. It removes the dependency of female on male for contraceptive. Now the female can make relationship without fear of getting pregnant and female enjoys more sexual freedom. If women want daily lovemaking activity, it is a huge commitment, so in that case birth control pills are very effective. It is also used in case when women who have lots of responsibility and she is not yet prepared to become a mother. The women who want to make their career in different fields may also use these birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. It's also helpful in giving a gap between the birth of second child and family planning program. There are additional health benefits from Birth control pills which include improvement of menstrual cycles, decrease the risk of certain cancers (ovarian or endometrial), improvement of complexion and protection from ovarian cysts.

Birth control pills such as Plan B proved to be safest and convenient medicines to prevent unintended pregnancy.

With the advancement of time and development of medical sciences, birth control pills are very effective, safe and reliable way in order to protect from unwanted pregnancy. The birth control pills are the medications and also known as oral contraceptive. It is taken daily to prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills are combined pills of two hormones called Estrogen and Progestin or contain only one hormone called Progestin. A combination of drug suppresses the Gonadotrophins. Although, it's primary mechanism of action is to cease ovulation process in women. It changes the cervical mucus which causes difficulty in entry of sperm in uterus and endometrial cell and reduces the chance of implantation of fetus.

What is the undesired effect, a female may come across while using Birth control pills?

During the period of using birth control pills women, they may come across the some side effects are changes in menstrual cycle, nausea, mood changes, worsening of migraine, Breast tenderness and weight gain.

In what manner a female should use birth control pills?

The birth control pills contain 21pills containing hormones and remaining 7 pills are non-hormonal. Take daily one hormonal pill for 21 days then after finishing it; take the remaining 7 non-hormonal pills once a day. The period occurs within 4 to 6 weeks after finishing the last dose of the active tablet in the regimen.

Safety measures should be taken while using Birth control pills:

  • It should not be used by a woman who has a previous history of breast and endometrial cancer.
  • It should be avoided in case of high blood pressure.
  • It doesn't protect from STD, so use condoms in that condition.
  • Breastfeeding women should avoid this medication.
  • If women are allergic to any of the ingredients of pills should avoid it.

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