Abortion is the process of purposely ending of early unwanted pregnancy with the help of surgical or medical method. Every female has a desire of becoming a  mother but due to various unwanted circumstances, she has to choose the option of abortion. Abortion affects a female emotionally leading to the feeling of regret, depression, anger, guilt and loneliness. All these feelings are very common in the case of female going through an abortion.

Once you have decided to abort your pregnancy then,  in this case, your concern should be about the method of abortion that you should choose to conclude your pregnancy. The best way for executing abortion is by consuming abortion pills. These pills are available in local market and also in online stores. you can buy from anywhere you want. Abortion pills are safe for the health of females and it provides privacy to terminate the pregnancy on her own.

Mechanism of action of Abortion pill

  • Mifepristone: This medicine shows its action by inhibiting progesterone hormone required for the maintenance of pregnancy. The role of this hormone is to provide the surroundings required for the growth and development of the fetus. The blockage of this hormone leads to the inhibition in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus resulting in the death of the fetus.
  •  Misoprostol: It is a synthetic prostaglandin E1 which has the capacity to contract the uterus vigorously leading to the elimination of all the waste matter from the uterus.
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 Method to consume abortion pills

  • Abortion with Mifepristone: To terminate her pregnancy, a female should administer 3 pills of generic Mifepristone (200mg each) along with sufficient amount of water.
  • Abortion with Misoprostol: A female should administer 12 pills of generic Misoprostol (200mcg each) in a 3 divided dose at a time duration of 3 to 4 hours. 

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In the beginning, you should administer 4 pills of generic Misoprostol along with water.

After a time span of 3-4 hours, you should again consume 4 tablets of generic Misoprostol.

You should again administer 4 pills of generic Misoprostol along with water.

Various conditions in which Abortion pill should not be consumed are:

  • If your pregnancy is old than 9 weeks, then you should not consume this medication.
  • Abortion pills should not be consumed in the case of pregnancy outside the uterus.
  • This medicine should not be consumed in case of hypersensitivity towards generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Intake of Abortion pill may lead to various unwanted effects such as tired feeling, swelling in your hands or feet , blurred vision, changes in your menstrual periods, headache, severe headache, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness, joint pain, insomnia, fever, chills, anxiety and diarrhea.

Precautionary measure

  • Do not perform intercourse for at least two weeks because the chances of pregnancy increases after abortion and it may also lead to vaginal infection.
  • You should take proper rest and consume a healthy and balanced diet for quicker recovery.
  • Avoid performing physical exercise or lifting of heavy objects as it leads to the pain in the lower pelvic region.

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