Abortion pills are widely used drugs, which are widely used to end an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is of two types one is medicated abortion and another is surgical abortion. Termination of pregnancy by abortion pills is a medicated method of abortion. A female has many decisions to take when she consider an abortion. If a female thinks about abortion then she can discuss this with her doctor by whom the doctor tells her various methods for abortion and the doctor also tells about the best method for abortion. Now it is depends on female that what method she choose, whether she choose in-clinic or surgical method or she choose medicated method.

It's common for a female to feel nervous about having an abortion. This is common in every medical therapy. Abortion pill is a safe method of abortion which has various benefits over surgical abortion like reliable, safe, easy, non-invasiveness and cheaper in cost. An abortion pill is useful in the termination of pregnancy within 49 days or abortion pill can be used to terminate pregnancy which is less than 49 days.

Safe and Secure End of Unwilling Pregnancy with Abortion Pills

Pregnancy is a dream of females but in certain cases it is harmful for females like in forceful intercourse, relationship issues, unplanned pregnancy and failure of contraception. These all issues develop an unwanted pregnancy which requires termination. Abortion can be done in a private manner by using some medications, known as abortion pills.

Abortion pills are generally composed of Mifepristone as their main active constituent. The pack of abortion pill also contains tablets of Misoprostol which are used in many cases to complete an abortion more effectively and to obtain best results. The main component of abortion pills is Mifepristone. It is derived from steroid. It is anti-progesterone in nature and it belongs to the group of Oxosteroids. After its consumption it readily absorbed in the body and inhibits the activity of natural progesterone. Mainly it binds with the progesterone receptor and prevents activity of exogenous and endogenous progesterone. By this activity, fetus does not remain attached to uterus and as a result pregnancy terminates. Whenever Misoprostol is given to a female after Mifepristone consumption, it causes contraction of muscles of uterus and expel out fetus. In this way abortion pills safely and effectively terminates unwanted pregnancy.

Abortion pills are widely used by females for safe abortion procedure. These pills are available in the oral tablet dosage form. When you take these pills without food then they give best results. You should take these pills as recommended. Initially you should take Mifepristone tablets and then after two days you should take Misoprostol tablets if required. During the use of abortion pills you should go for clinical visit and examination according to need and as recommended.

The use of abortion pill may cause some side effects in females like vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, stomach pain and cramping.

Abortion pills should not be used in certain situations like in ectopic pregnancy, uterine cancer and allergic reactions to Mifepristone or Misoprostol. It should not be consumed in combination with some other drug like Lovastatin, Quinidine, Cyclosporine and Ergotamine.

You should use abortion pill with extreme care in case of potassium imbalance, heart, liver and kidney related issues. It should be used with caution if you have endometriosis and adrenal or thyroid dysfunction.

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