Birth control pills are very safe and convenient to use when consumed in a proper regimen and they affect their pregnancy prevention for almost 99.9%. Birth control pills are the second name of orally ingested hormonal contraception. These pills are meant to be consumed via mouth at the same time each day as per recommendation. Numerous of birth control pills are marketed under different brand names such as Dianette, Dronis, Yasmin, Yaz, Mircette, Ovral L, Ovral G, Femilon, Plan B, Unwanted 72, Norethindrone, and Norethisterone.

Birth control means contraception that you can take either a combination pill, single hormonal pill, or an emergency pill. In combination pills, two hormonal preparations are present while in single hormone, only one hormone is present and that is why the single hormone pills are also known as a progestin-only pill. The main hormones of which synthetic preparations are present in contraceptive pills are progesterone and estrogen.

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Birth control pills are responsible for preventing a pregnancy mainly because of their action on ovulation process, on cervical mucus thickening, and on implantation process.  All these processes inhibit the chances of pregnancy.

How should you take the pill depend on the package of the pill that means what kind of pill you are taking? Emergency contraceptive pills required being consumed within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. Combination or progestin-only pill comes in 21-pill or 28-pill packet having 21 active hormonal pills in both packages. Whenever you are about to start a birth control pill, you have to take 21 hormonal pills first for 21 days and then next 7 days should be free in case of the 21-pill packet and should be taken seven non-hormonal pills in the 28-pill packet. Each pill must be ingested same time each day without missing any dose. If mistakenly, you missed any dose, then you have to take two pills as a single dose in your next dosing schedule. When you missed two dosing pills, then you should have to consume two pills in a single dose in your next two dosing regimens. More than this ratio if you missed any pill, then you need to consult your physician.  

Birth control pills are very much effective but they are not useful for very overweight women.  Use of birth control pills with any other medication makes them less responsive. Diarrhea and vomiting condition also inhibit the working of the pill. In that case, you may require using another form of contraception. Always keep in mind that birth control pills are not your protective pills that can protect you from STDs (sexually transmitted disease). While choosing and using birth control pills, some safety precautions must be kept in mind like certain conditions can rule out the working of the pill and increases the risk of negative effects of the pill. Such conditions can include breast cancer, pregnancy, breastfeeding, a blood-clotting disorder, migraine headache, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver, and kidney or heart disorder.  If you are above 35 years of age and a smoker, then birth control pills are not the suitable option for you because of the risk of the aggravated side effects.

Side effects that may happen because of birth control pills include spotting between periods, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, headache, or irregular menstrual bleeding.  

Birth control pills not only prevent the chances f pregnancy but are also helpful in reducing the menstrual cramps, make your period lighter, in iron deficiency, and many.

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