When someone arrives timely in our life, then we welcome them with a joy and delightfully with our own most happiness and wish. What, if someone comes uninvited and accidently at the time when we are not ready to welcome that person? That moment we feel irritated, confused, agitated, nervous, and anxious and we welcome them unhappily.

 It is the case with unplanned pregnancy also. Every couple desires a child in their married life but that too depend on certain conditions when they are ready and willing to enter a new phase of life. Until that time, you can give a break to your fertility and prevent the chances of accidental pregnancy by using contraceptive methods and birth control pills are the most convenient, safe, and easy to use methods for an effective contraception.


Contraception is not only required in married couple but in unmarried young boys and girls also as they are in relationship and due to unawareness of the facts and the outcomes involve in physical relationships and then pregnancy is the drastic outcome of that, which can further ruin their studies, other relations, and even their own behavior.

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Birth control pills- Birth control pills are the commendable pills for an effective contraception that are manufactured from two main female hormones as progesterone and estrogen. Birth control pills are available either as a combination of these hormones or a single preparation of hormone. These contraceptive pills have the general functionality of inhibiting the ovulation process, thickening of cervical mucus to prevent the entry of sperm and prevention of implantation of fertilized egg on the uterine wall. When used in an appropriate way and cycle, birth control pills give you tremendous response for your contraception. Birth control pills are tiny tablets that are suggested to be ingested via oral route with the help of water. Birth control pills are required to be taken in a proper cycle and at a right time. Package of different brands of different birth control pills is marketed as 21 hormonal and 28-pills as hormonal and non-hormonal that you have to consume according to your physician consultation.

Way to consume birth control pills- When you are taking a 21-pill pack, you need to start the first pill on the first day of menstruation and should be continued for next 21 days. Then, you have to give a break for 7 days and do not have to take any birth control pill after which you can start a new packet on the 29th day.

Considering 28-pill pack, you are suggested to take first hormonal 21 pills for 21 days and then 7 non-hormonal pills for next 7 days. After which, you can start a new packet on the 29th day.

A woman has to consume each pill every day at the same time. If you forget any of the doses of the pill among any of the two packs, you should have to take then two pills in your next dosing schedule. In the case of two pills missed, you need to consume then two pills as a single dose in your next two dosing schedules.

A woman taking birth control pills may notice some side effects such as breast tenderness, headache, and spotting between periods. Some other undesirable responses of birth control pills are abdominal pain, drowsiness, shortness of breath or mood swings. Usually, most side effects vanish after few months but if they continue, you can consult with your physician. If you are sensitive to hormonal preparations then you must not consider taking birth control pills. These are contraceptive pills and do not protect you from any kind of STD (sexually transmitted disease). Birth control pills are not safe for women with unusual vaginal bleeding, in the breast or uterine cancer. Medical circumstances of blood pressure, headache, diabetes, or blood clotting issue are contraindicatory for the use of birth control pills. Nursing mothers are at caution for the use of birth control pills.

Marketed brands of birth control pills comprise of Ovral L, Ovral G, Mircette, Dronis, Yasmin, Yaz, Femilon, Dianette, Plan B Morning After Pills, Unwanted 72, Norethindrone, and Norethisterone.

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