Birth Control Pills are made up of two active ingredients known as estrogen and progesterone. These are a characteristic hormone that is found in the human body and has a critical part in the propagation procedure. It controls development and capacity of the uterus that is fundamental to continue the pregnancy. Contraception pills apply their activity by restricting the changing of the cervical bodily fluid to repress the section of male sperm through the cervix. It additionally blocks the uterine coating for the implantation of treated egg to irritate the ovulation procedure.

Birth Control Pills are advertised under different brand names, for example, MTP Kit, Dronis, Yasmin, Yaz, Mircette, Ovral G, Unwanted 72, Femilon, Dianette, Ovral L, Plan B, Norethindrone, and Norethisterone.

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To counteract is and defer the pregnancy an exceptionally regular process that the greater part of the ladies hones in an unexpected way. It is exceptionally old that ladies have utilized numerous strategies to stay away from pregnancy. Birth Control Pills are an ideal approach to evade pregnancy. These days it is ordinarily utilized by the ladies to avoid pregnancy. It is extremely savvy and simple to utilize.

Method of administration of Birth control pills:

Birth control pills come in two structures one is 21 pills pack and another is 28 pills pack. In the event that you need to use 21 pills packs take one tablet every day constantly for 21 days from the most recent day of your monthly cycle period. When you completed 21 tablets you have to stay for 7 days. On the eighth day, you can begin new pack once more.

On account of 28 pills pack you need to take 21 hormonal pills first for 21 back to back days and after that direct residual 7 hormonal pills for seven days to finish the measurements. Subsequent to finishing you can begin new dose.

Try not miss the dose of any Birth control pills. You have to regulate these pills routinely on time every day. On account of missed measurements, you should regulate two pills as a single dosage on your dosing plan. If you have missed the two measurements, then you need to take two pills as a single dosage in your next two back to back dosing plans. If you have missed 3 dosing timetables or more you have to discard the dosing schedule and again begin a new pack.

Safety measures, for example:

  • If you are patient of blood clumps, or bosom tumor, liver and kidney ailment or uterine growth; then, in that case, you should not take this medicine.
  • You should not smoke while taking this medication and do not use, alcohol as it can bring about unfriendly impacts.
  • If you are over 35 years old you are not advised to take this solution.
  • If you are unfavorable to any ingredient that is present in the birth control pills then don't take this medication.

Side effects:

While taking this medicine you may feel some unwanted side effects, for example, temperament swings, stomach upset unsteadiness, spotting, modification in menstrual periods, and bosom delicacy.

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