Mifeprex is a perfect and potent medication for concluding an unintended pregnancy. Mifeprex contains Generic Mifepristone as an energetic constituent used to terminate an unwanted pregnancy of up to 7 weeks from the day of the last menstrual cycle.  Generic Mifepristone belongs to the group of drugs called anti-progesterone that works by inhibiting the action of progesterone hormone. Mifeprex is the best and safest choice for millions of women who do not go for surgical abortion.

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Pregnancy is a divine experience for every woman, but what if the giving birth to a child at this point is not something that you want?

Why does one go for abortion?

  • Because of pregnancy, that occurs due to rape.
  • The inability of women to take care of the developing child.
  • Birth defects in the developing fetus.
  • Lack of finance supports to bring up a child.
  • Unhealthy relationship.
  • Health issue related to the mother or the child. 

There are various methods to carry out abortions. Sometimes it is not easy to choose the perfect method of abortion.

The word "surgical" itself scares people. A surgical abortion is done by a medical expert and hence the following circumstances can make you feel uncomfortable:

  • You need to move to a medically equipped place.
  • Take more time to get back to your normal health condition.
  • Surgical method of abortion is more expensive.
  • Do not offer privacy.

You can easily get the help of Mifeprex (Generic Mifepristone) to terminate an unintended pregnancy in privacy. This medication works similar to the natural miscarriage.

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Mifeprex is an "abortion pill" that helps to end an unintended pregnancy in an effective manner. Generic Mifepristone works as a progesterone antagonist that successfully blocks the action of progesterone hormone, a naturally occurring hormone used to maintain pregnancy for 9 months. Mifeprex leads to thinning of the uterine lining and eject out the developing fetus from the mother's womb.

 Mifeprex encloses 3 tablets of Generic Mifepristone that work together to exorcise the developing embryo. 

 Day one:  Take all 3 tablets of Mifeprex (200mg each tablet) together orally with enough amount of water.

 Day three:  Visit your nearby clinic for the health check of complete end of pregnancy with the assist of ultrasound. 

Intake of Generic Mifepristone may lead to cause some mild side effects that include heavy bleeding, severe stomach cramping, nausea, heavy bleeding, back pain, vomiting, chest pain, pain in the pelvic region, dizziness, abdominal pain, muscle ache, etc.

 Be careful while consuming Mifeprex:

  •  Do not consume this drug in case you are hypersensitive to it or to any of its other active and non-active ingredients.
  • If you have placed intrauterine device, remove it before using this medication.
  • In case you are suffering from abnormal bleeding disorder and blood problem like warfarin and heparin, do not ingest this medication.
  • In the case of severe liver, kidney or heart disorder, do not consume this medication.
  • Do not bathe in the open area to avoid vaginal infection.
  • Take care of your health after abortion. Eat healthy food that contains vitamins and minerals to recover your blood loss.
  • Do not perform intimacy session with your partner for few days.
  • This drug can make you feel dizzy, so avoids driving and operating heavy machinery work that requires more energy and attention.

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