MTP kit is renown product of Cipla, this medication is used in performing safe and easiest way for medical termination. This is a solid dosage form which helps in dumping the unplanned pregnancy with help of synthetic hormones. The drug is indicated for secure termination of less than 63 days, MTP kit comprises of following active ingredients:

  • Mifepristone  (1 tablet) and
  • Misoprostol  (4 tablet)

MTP is an US FDA certified drug that is a successful as an alternative over surgical operated abortion. MTP helps in maintaining confidentiality as patient does not have to share her medical condition to any one not even to any medical professionals and perform termination at home without any assistance and it is safe as it involves no surgical tools and anesthesia. The patient should never use this kit in case of ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy longer than 9weeks and having any kind of allergy to Mifepristone or Misoprostol. Abort with MTP kit place your order now by single click.

 Abort Pregnancy in Discreet way along MTP Kit

Why one may opt for medical abortion:

Parenthood is very challenging condition where one should be balanced socio economically balanced to carry forward the whole family and completes the requirements and provides basic amenity to the family and offspring.

  • If both parents are not ready one should not continue the pregnancy, if female is suffering some medical condition that will fetal for her or to the fetus. Some time lack of information and immature peoples go for pregnancy without family planning this will hamper them economically and one may not manage the requirements too.
  • Some mishap or failure of protection measure can be the reason for unwanted pregnancy.
  • Certain medical conditions can also be the cause of medical termination.

MTP kit is a combo pack which contains 5 pills, single tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) and 4tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg).

Misoprostol is a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin which brings contraction of uterus muscles to expel the terminated fetus outside the womb.

Mifepristone is anti progesterone drug that brings the termination of pregnancy. It stops the activity of natural progesterone which blocks the supply of oxygen and nutrition so makes the endometrial lining weak and unfavorable condition to continue development of the fetus. Buy MTP kit online and find it at your doorstep.

MTP can be consumed with no involvement of any assistance but requires simple consumption ethics such as not making external movements or smoking cigarettes or alcohol consumption.

How to consume MTP KIT?

Dosage and Direction

MTP Kit (Misoprostol + Mifepristone) is a combination of two medicines used for the termination of undesired intrauterine pregnancy of less than 63 days. Before patient starts taking MTP kit, the female should confirm about their pregnancy and the length of the pregnancy by the help of pregnancy kit or visiting the doctor. While the patient is taking MTP kit she should discontinue or take off Intra Uterine devices.


Contraindication while taking MTP kit:

If one is hypersensitive to the content of the tablet. If patient bears inherited pophyria or adrenal failure and asthma or long term use of corticosteroids and IUDs.

How to take the pill?

On day 1, take one pill of Mifepristone 200 mg orally with an empty stomach. After 2-3 days, take 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg orally or vaginal route. If taking it through vagina, take it along with the distilled water or saline water. After 14 days, the female should visit the nearby clinic to get the confirmation of complete termination of pregnancy.

After care

In case of muscle cramp, take Ibuprofen to ease the pain. Don't get engaged in intimacy session for a couple of days. Say no to douches.

Things to take care while using the MTP kit

The medication is not recommended in condition of ectopic pregnancy.

Discontinue the use of IUD. One should avoid intake of alcohol and smoking during the medication. Consult to the doctor in case of heavy bleeding and persistent fever for more than 2 days. Take balance diet and complete rest. Buy MTP kit online from reliable authentic stores at cost effective prices"