RU486 is an amazing medication that helps out the millions of women to terminate their unplanned pregnancy. RU486 comprises of Generic Mifepristone as a vital key ingredient that is used to end 7 weeks of pregnancy from the day one of the last menstrual period. It belongs to the class of drugs called "Abortion pill" that hinders the progesterone hormone and expel out the fetus from the woman's womb.

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In spite of taking all precautions, still, you can even face unplanned pregnancy because the contraceptive   you were using does not offer you the 100% result, or either broken in-between or sometimes you think you can handle your erection according to you. But later what your partner notice???  She is pregnant!!! 

Your reaction to an unplanned pregnancy is definitely not the good one. Now you have to take a decision, whether to carry on this undesired pregnancy or to abort it. It doesn't matter what other thinks of you, it is totally your decision and choice of abortion.

 So finally you decided to conclude your pregnancy!!! RU486 is the most reliable and effective medication that will help you to terminate your unwanted pregnancy in just a few simple steps. Buy RU486 from our authentic portal to abort your unwished pregnancy in a confidential manner.

Generic Mifepristone is a progesterone inhibitor that shows its therapeutic effects by hindering the action of progesterone inhibitor, which is a crucial hormone to maintain pregnancy. The blockage of this hormone inhibits the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the developing fetus and hence results in the death of the fetus.

RU486 encloses 3 tablets of Generic Mifepristone (200mg each) that should be taken together via the oral route with sufficient amount of water, on an empty stomach. After 2 days, visit your nearby hospital for the confirmation of complete abortion.

In the case of incomplete abortion, consume 2 tablets of Generic Misoprostol (200mcg each) via the oral route with a full glass of water. Wait for 2 days and then visit your nearby clinic for the checkup of complete end of pregnancy with the help of ultrasound.

Intake of RU486 may cause some mild to severe side effects that include headache, nausea, painful stomach cramping, drowsiness, heartburn, abdominal pain, pale skin, heavy vaginal bleeding, etc.

Be careful while using RU486!!!

  • If you are allergic to Generic Mifepristone, then do not use RU486.
  • RU486 is not recommended to terminate an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the fallopian tube).
  • Anticoagulants medications should not be used along with this drug.
  • Do not use an intrauterine device just after a successful abortion.
  • Avoid performing an intimacy session with your partner for a few weeks.
  • Do not bath in an open pond to avoid vaginal infection. 

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