Does it matter of concern whether a pregnancy is unintentional or unplanned at the time of conception that is inopportune or undesired altogether? There is an assumption that unintentional or unplanned pregnancy is a global crisis that affects women, their families, and society. These pregnancies affect the social, financial, and educational aspects of the women's life. Not a single woman call herself free who does not have control over her own body, and the only way where women can get control over the body or reproductive right by using contraception.

These days, contraception expands well away from a woman’s verdict whether and when to get pregnant, and access to dependable birth control measures goes deeper than a woman’s personal comfort or health. The access to contraception plays a fundamental role in the maintenance of financial, physical and psychological health of women. Regardless of socioeconomic status, it also empowers women with more options to control pregnancies. The access to contraception also reduces the overwhelming maternal mortality rates worldwide. Above all, it allows women to delay marriage and childbirth until they find the right spouse or partner.

The access of Birth control pills (oral contraceptives) is the most effective and reliable way to prevent pregnancy in women. Birth control pills help a woman to enjoy her intimate life without fear or worry of getting pregnant. The widespread accessibility of very low-cost, highly reliable, easy-to-use Birth control pills directly enhanced the interests of women, for whom an unplanned pregnancy can be very expensive. There are generally two types of combined oral contraceptives and emergency contraceptives.

  • Combined oral contraceptives: These pills contain both progestin and estrogen hormones and these are taken on a daily basis to prevent pregnancy. Some brands of combined oral contraceptives like Ovral L, Yasmin, Yaz, Mircette, Ovral G, etc.
  • Emergency contraceptives: These pills are used to prevent pregnancy in women within 72 hours of unprotected sensual intercourse. Some brands of Emergency contraceptives are I-pill, Unwanted-72, Plan B, etc.

Birth Control Pills

The hormones present in Birth control pills are progestin and estrogen. These hormones block the liberation of an egg from the ovary during the menstrual cycle. These hormones also increase the viscosity of the vaginal fluid to prevent sperm from reaching an egg that further causes inhibition of fertilization. These hormones make some alteration in the lining of the uterus to avert implantation of a fertilized egg in the mother's womb and cause a fertilized egg to pass out of the body.

Combined Birth control pills are usually obtainable in 21 pills pack and 28 pills pack. One can start using these pills from the first day of menstrual cycle. Each brand of Birth control pills is usually available with an easy-to-use dispenser that helps in the easy administration of these pills. Emergency contraceptive contains 1.5mg of progestin hormone. One should take one Emergency contraceptive pill orally within 72 hours of unprotected intimacy.

If you missed one hormonal pill, then you have to two hormonal pills on the day you remember. If you missed two hormonal pills in a row in week 1 or 2, you should take two pills per day for two consecutive days in a row. If you missed two hormonal pills in a row in Week 3, throw out of the rest of the pack and start taking a new pack of birth control pills on the same day if you are a Day 1 starter.

Users of Birth control pills may face some common undesired effects such as headache, bloating, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, inflammation of the ankles or feet, modification in body weight, alteration in mood, exhaustion, and low libido.

Professional's Advice:

Stay away from direct contact with sunlight while using birth control pills, so use sunscreen or protecting clothing while going out in the sun. Your blood sugar level may get affected while using birth control pills, so closely observe your blood sugar level while using these medications. Do not recommend Birth control pills to women above 35 years of age smoke 15 or more cigarettes per day. Women with a high cholesterol or triglycerides level or obesity should consult a doctor before using Birth control pills. Do not breastfeed your child while using Birth control pills.

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