For every woman, pregnancy might not bring happiness as it might come unexpectedly. This is not compulsory that every time a woman got sensually connected to someone means she wants to be pregnant. There could number of reasons due to which a woman does not want to conceive and continue her pregnancy. Some woman does not want to be pregnant because of their busy schedule. Some women are enjoying their intimacy sessions with the person with whom they are not married and they cannot conceive. Couples who frequently have intimacy sessions do not prefer protective option as this hinders their pleasure. For continuing their pleasure in sensual performance and keeping pregnancy away, the women go with the use of birth control methods including Sterilization (Tubectomy and Vasectomy), Vaginal rings, Vaginal patches, Copper-T or birth control pills. But, it becomes the toughest circumstances for females to choose the pain-free, effective and safe method of preventing your pregnancy. Yasmin birth control pills are getting advantages over all other birth control pills.

Yasmin Birth Control Pills are formed by a mixture of two ingredients in each pill. Those two ingredients are the main active generic of these birth control pills and these are Drospirenone and Ethinyl estradiol. Mainly, Yasmin has proved to be the trusted and safe birth control pills that a woman could use to save herself from being trapped with an unwanted pregnancy.

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Yasmin medicine is supposed to work by constraining the process of ovulation that is the release of an egg from the ovary of a female and makes the changes in the uterine lining and avoid the process of fertilization that is gathering of sperm with eggs in the uterus of woman as a result preventing the pregnancy to occur.

Dosing scheme for using Yasmin birth control pills:

A woman who needs to have control over her pregnancy should have to start the consumption of Yasmin from the very first day of menstruation or you may start from the very first Sunday after the menstruation starts.

Yasmin pill is accessible as a pack containing total 28 tablets-

21 yellow tablets (hormonal) and 7 white tablets (non-hormonal)

The woman has to consume 21 hormonal pills orally with an adequate amount of water for 21 days on a daily basis without any interruption. After concluding of 21 hormonal tablets, she needs to start the intake of white pill for 7 days. If she misses more than one dose, she has to start the new packet soon. 

Be careful at the time of using Yasmin Birth Control Pill-

  • Girls who are below the age of 18 years should avoid using Yasmin.
  • Use of antibiotics with Yasmin leads to decrease the effectiveness of the medicine.
  • Women who are above the age of 35 years should avoid the use of Yasmin.
  • The intake of alcoholic drinks and smoking is strictly unconsidered with the use of Yasmin.
  • Do not make use of Yasmin birth control in case of allergy towards generic Drospirenone and Ethinyl estradiol

Various opposing symptoms that may occur while using Yasmin Birth Control pills include mood swings, breast tenderness, headache, sudden weight loss or weight gain, and change in menstrual cycle, unusual sleepiness, and low libido.

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