Practically every woman wants to be a mother however because of a few reasons numerous woman maintain a strategic distance from pregnancy. Possibly this is not the ideal time to end up mother or she is not rationally arranged. A female is extremely inquisitive to her profession, scholastics, and objective that might be the reason of keeping away from pregnancy. It has been seen that different strategies were utilized as a part of old for conception prevention. There are numerous techniques accessible for anti-conception medication, for example, patches, vaginal rings, wipe, restraint, shots, inserts, vasectomy, stomach female and male condoms, IUD, spermicide, and pills. Anti-conception medication pills are utilized to keep away from pregnancy that is commonly known as oral contraceptive pills.

Yasmin Pill is known as Birth Control Pill or Contraceptive pill that is commonly intended to avoid the unwanted pregnancy. This is a combine medication encloses gewneric (synthetic Progestogen) and Ethinyl estradiol (synthetic estrogen) as the active constituent. This is one of the most common medications to prevent unwanted gestation. This medication shows its action by thwarting the ovulation (the release of an egg from an ovary) and also cause modification in your cervical and uterine lining, making it tougher for sperm to reach the uterus and harder for a fertilized egg to attach the uterus.

Yasmin Birth Control Pills

Dosing regimen of Yasmin pills:

Yasmin pills enclose 21 hormonal pills and seven white "reminder" pills. A woman should consume one tablet each day orally with the help of a full glass of water for consecutive 21 days. After that, she has to take 7 hormonal pills for seven days to complete the dose. When you miss one tablet of this medication then take two pills as a single dose on your dosing schedule. In case you missed the two dosages then ingest two pills as a single dose in your next two consecutive dosing schedules. When you missed 3 dosing schedule or more you should abandon the regular dosing schedule and again start fresh pack.   

Possible side effects of Yasmin pills:

while taking the medication one can face some unwanted effects such as rapid breathing, itching, loss of appetite, coughing up with bleeding, pain in upper stomach, jaundice, vomiting, sweating, cough, dark colour urine, sudden numbness, weakness, swelling in ankle, depression, and change in menstrual cycle, and breast tenderness.

Preventive measures while using Yasmin pills:

  • One should not use the medication if suffering from blood clots, or breast cancer, liver and kidney disease or uterine cancer or allergic to any constituent in the medication.  
  • While using this medication, stay away from smoking and alcohol to avoid unwanted effects.
  • Prevent the use of this medication if you are more than 35 years of age you should not use this medication.
  • As a precaution, after ingesting the medication you can use a condom and other physical methods to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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