For a female, abortion is a very difficult decision and it should be taken with extreme care. Abortion can be performed due to various reasons, which includes lack of financial resources, a child with birth defect, risk of mother's health, due to rape cases or the female do not want a child to affect her education or career, etc.

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Types of Abortion

Surgical abortion: - This type of process includes use of surgical instruments and anesthesia. It is a painful process as well as expensive method for abortion. Most of the females are sacred of the surgery and pain they will have to suffer so they do not prefer this method this method of abortion.

Medical abortion: - In this type of process, abortion is done with the help of abortifacient drugs. It is a painless and trouble free method. You just have to consume the medicines for concluding pregnancy. It is the cheapest and most preferred method for termination of pregnancy.

The pack of RU486 contains 3 pills of Mifepristone (200mg each) which blocks progesterone hormone. It is used to conclude pregnancy which is 63 days.

This medication shows its therapeutic effect by blocking the progesterone activity. This hormone is crucial for maintaining pregnancy. Due to blockage of this hormone the supply of oxygen and nutrition is blocked, leading to the death of the fetus. It also softens and dilates the cervix, which leads to the detachment of in placenta.

Prescribed dosage of RU486:-

The pack of RU-486 contains three pills of Mifepristone (total 600mg) which is to be consumed in a single dose at the time of starting this pack. Then, after a time span of two days you should visit a doctor for confirmation of abortion.

In case if abortion is not done, then consume two pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each) for abortion via mouth along with sufficient amount of water.

Then again, visit a doctor for confirming abortion.

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The conditions in which RU486 should not be consumed are:

  • Avoid intake of RU486, if you are allergic to Mifepristone.
  • Do not use this pack if you are consuming any other medicine containing steroids.
  • This pack should not be used in case of pregnancy more than 63 days.
  •  If you are suffering from adrenal failure or bleeding problems, then you should not consume this drug.

Various unwanted side effects shown by RU486 are rise in body temperature, indigestion, irritation in the vaginal area, pain in lower abdomen region, fatigue, heavy bleeding, abdominal pain, sickness, nausea, diarrhea, etc.


  • RU486 should be taken with caution by woman who are diabetic, have history of migraine, high blood pressure or related disorders.
  • RU486 is not effective if you have an ectopic pregnancy i.e. fetus outside the womb of the mother.
  • Mifepristone passes through the breast milk so, it should not be consumed by breast feeding females.
  • If you are using an IUD, then remove it before using this pack.
  • You should take proper rest; avoid lifting of heavy objects or performing any task that put pressure on the lower pelvic region.

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