Holly did not had periods on her due date. She waited for some more days but no menstrual flow happened. This made her tensed. She was sure about her pregnancy as with previous pregnancies, she felt the same symptoms like nausea, mood swings, bleeding gums, and aversion to morning tea. This was not a planned pregnancy and there was no possibility of continuing this pregnancy. After getting confirmation of her pregnancy, when she went to a doctor, he asked her to have blood test and ultrasound to confirm the time of gestation and also to know clear whether it was inside the uterus.

Medical abortion was available to her that was less risky than surgical abortion. She was only three weeks pregnant and an ultrasound for at least five weeks pregnancy is definitive. To keep waiting for a fortnight, it was really frustrating for her. She tried to keep herself busy with children and stopped bothering about what ticked inside her body. When the day arrived, she went for an ultrasound test. Sonographer turned the screen on and inserted the transducer inside the vagina. After checking the gestation age, the doctor gave her RU-486. After taking Mifepristone, she went home but luckily, no side effects had risen. Still, morning sickness was there. After, two days, she was given two more Misoprostol tablets. Then final termination occurred with bleeding. After 16 hours, her nausea disappeared and also her huge tension, she was again relaxed and relieved of the unwanted. RU-486 has helped you easily and without any pain.

RU 486 Abortion Pill

RU-486 (Generic Mifepristone) terminates your maternity of seven weeks or less (Count the days from the primary day of your last discharge cycle). Mifepristone makes a barrier in progesterone activity. Progesterone is produced within the body and keeps the fetus alive by providing correct nutrition. RU 486 functions by impeding in progesterone action and cuts the nutrition offer towards growing fetus resulting in the death. RU-486 is accessible in pill type.

RU-486 has a total of three pills each pill of 200 mg dosing strength. For abortion action, follow the procedure sequence. On day one, you ought to use three pills of RU 486 at a time by the oral route with ample water. After using it, wait for a while. On day three, look out for your doctor or go to the nearby hospital with your ultrasound reports in order to confirm your abortion. If this abortion does not happen then take an extra two pills of Misoprostol of 200 microgram dosing strength via an oral or vaginal route as a single dose. Go to doctor after fourteen days gap for finally confirming your abortion.

RU-486 ought to be stopped in ectopic maternity case. Remove your inserted intrauterine devices before an abortion. Do not have an abortion if you're taking anticoagulants if you're plagued by endocrine gland drawback and genetic defect. Contradict an abortion if you've got a hepatic disease, urinary organ disorder, and heart disorder. RU-486 ought to not be used in hyper allergies. After an abortion with RU-486, you require contemporary fruit juices to gain strength.

Common facet effects with RU-486 are a fatigue, abdominal drawback, weakness, serious vaginal flow, vaginal discomfort, light-headedness, quick pulse rate, dizziness, drowsiness, sickness, or sluggishness.

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