Since the introduction of birth control pills in the market, these pills have gained immense popularity in women of all classes. Birth control pills were truly the most revolutionary things women have ever come across. This method of contraception has changed the perception of women on powers she possesses. The power attained with the use of these pills is on all fronts, which are personal, professional, economical and healthy. The impact of birth control pills on these façades is as follows.

Impact of birth control pills on the health of a woman

With the use of these pills a woman can choose not to have a child or if she wishes to keep an appropriate gap between two of her children. With these pills, she can decide what age gap she wants to keep her children without compromising on her health.

Impact on the professional and financial condition

Contraception is one of the most transformational developments in the financial and professional empowerment of the women. Women who choose birth control to avoid pregnancy can concentrate better on their careers and excel in their careers without contemplating about the hassles of unwanted pregnancy.

One such birth control method ideal for women in every aspect is YASMIN BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. These pills will give women the liberty to choose the occurrence of their pregnancy and hence give them better control over their lives.

Buy Yasmin Birth Control Pills Online

Yasmin pills are a revolutionary method of birth control used by women to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This medication is particularly helpful for women who do not intend on becoming mothers as of yet. This medication helps women to lose the fear of accidental pregnancy and allows them to enjoy their sensual lives. This medication consists of the combination of two hormonal preparations namely Ethinyl estradiol and Drospirenone. Both these components are the synthetic derivatives of the female hormone present in the body and acts by delaying or avoiding the progression of ovulation (release of an egg from the ovary). It also thickens the cervical mucus, making the entrance of sperms harder to reach to the ovum to fertilize it.

There are a total of 21 tablets in a pack of Yasmin pills.  For women who want to implement this method for birth control should take a single tablet of this medication daily, via the oral route for 21 days at the same time every day. After taking these pills for 21 days, keep a gap of 7 days and from the 28th day start a new pack of this medication. This medication should be started on the 1st day of the menstrual cycle. Missing doses of this medication are strictly inadvisable. In case you miss the dose and it has been less than 24 hours, take the missed dose instantly. In case 48 hours have gone by, cast-off the whole pack and start a fresh one.

Noxious effects commonly seen with the use of Yasmin pills are nausea, headache, and bloating, menstrual irregularities, dizziness, and irritability, loss of libido, weight gain, edema and tenderness of the breast.

Safety measures followed with the use of Yasmin pills are-

  • Stay away from the use of this medication in case you are allergic to any of the component present in it.
  • Do not use any other medication containing hormonal preparation in it along with Yasmin pills.
  • Do not smoke, consume alcohol or take sedatives while using this medication.
  • This medication should not be used by pregnant women, lactating mothers, and elderly women.
  • Any women below the age of 18 years should not use this method of birth control.

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