Abortion is the step that includes easy expulsion of your fetus. When you are undergoing pregnancy that is unwishful or undesired than abortion is the option left. This does not mean for any gestation period you can have an abortion. Only for gestation that is less than 7 or 9 weeks do have an abortion procedure. It is not painful process or includes intrusion. It can be done at clinic, hospital, or at home. Some brands are as Mifeprex, Mifegyne, Korlym, Cytotec, RU-486, and MTP Kit.

Our body has adrenal glands and ovaries that release progesterone hormone. Mifepristone causes the stop in the supply of the nutrition towards the fetus and causes the ultimate death of the fetus. Misoprostol causes the dilation and contraction of the uterus leading towards the removal of your inside fetus. With both these pills, one can have an abortion. Abortion pills kit is completely safe for end of unwelcome pregnancy of not more than 9 weeks or 63days of gestation.

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What is the dosing scheme about different brands of an abortion pills?

MTP Kit: One pill Mifepristone should be taken that is composed of 200 mg strength. This is to be taken orally with water. Maintain an interval of two days and then on third day four pills Misoprostol should be used. Each Misoprostol is composed of 200 mcg dose orally with water medium or vaginally. Counting from the first day of Mifepristone use and on the 14th day, have an ultrasound testing to verify your abortion step.

RU-486, Mifeprex, and Mifegyne: Three pills Mifepristone should be consumed with water orally. Each pill is composed of 200 mg dose. The pills should be used with water. Keep waiting for two days and then if abortion fails then use two pills Misoprostol should be consumed with water orally or vaginally. Wait for two more days and then have an ultrasound testing to confirm your abortion step.

Cytotec: 12 pills Misoprostol should be consumed with water in divided forms such as 4-4-4. Have an interval of 4-5 hours in between two different dosages. Wait for about two days and confirm your abortion step with the help of ultrasound testing.

Do contraindicate this medicine under following conditions:

  • Like severe allergic reactions
  • When using anti-coagulants or Corticosteroids
  • When your age is below 18 years
  • When you have an ectopic gestation
  • When you have diseases such as porphyria or bleeding disorder

What are the safety measures that should be followed always?

  • You will have weakness after an abortion step, so avoid activities that need vigil.
  • There might occur dizziness hence avoid activities that require vigil.
  • Never take alcoholic drinks and grapefruit juice as those cause interactions.
  • Take the IUD’s before you go to have an abortion step.

Some side effects are as heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, belly pain, stomach cramps, dizziness, drowsiness, muscle pain, weakness, and back pain.

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