Below is the Linda's personal story for getting an abortion done by using RU-486. Linda wanted to share her story of her second abortion through this blog so that women dealing with the same condition will not feel the stigma of getting an abortion done.

Linda recently had a baby before four months. She was shocked, when she came to know about her pregnancy again. Although everyone would want to have a baby but it becomes very difficult to have another one just after the first one with hardly any gap. Linda needed to get recovered from her recent pregnancy and wanted to first enjoy with her first kid. She needed some time to get physically and mentally prepared to have another one. The second pregnancy was unexpected for her.

She talked with her husband and decided for an abortion before it gets too late. After taking doctor's appointment, doctor suggested for having an abortion with RU-486 would be safe. Linda wanted to keep this secret and wanted to get it done without making her parents know about it.

When the day of abortion arrived, Linda went with her husband. Everything felt very smooth and calm. First, she was nervous about it but after she was explained the procedure, she felt relaxed. She got an abortion done with RU-486 smoothly without any tension. Later she was relieved, had juice and biscuits, and called a taxi for home. She was not feeling any much pain as she had thought of. It was a huge relief for her as for now, she could now take care of her first child. This medical abortion with RU-486 has saved her from the very tension of caring two children of nearby age.

RU-486 Abortion Pills (Generic Mifepristone)

Given is the description of How RU-486 functions, What is the dosage, In what conditions you have to use it, and In what conditions you have to prohibit it.      

RU-486 (Generic Mifepristone) expels your maternity of seven weeks or less (You have to count days from the primary day of your last flow cycle). RU-486 is a substance that functions by creating a barrier in progesterone activity. Progesterone gets produced in the body and keeps the fetus alive by giving correct nutrition. RU-486 works by causing hindrance in progesterone action thereby renders the nutrition offer towards growing fetus resulting in death. RU-486 is accessible in pill type.

Guidelines for using RU-486

  • RU-486 has a combination of a total of three pills Mifepristone, each pill of 200 mg dosing strength. For getting an abortion done correctly, continue the procedure stepwise. At first, you ought to engulf three pills of Mifepristone at once right away via the oral route with ample water. When using it, wait a while. On the day three, look out for your doctor or visit the nearby hospital with your ultrasound reports in order to verify an abortion.
  • If abortion fails then you require to engulf an extra two pills of Misoprostol each of 200 mcg dosing strength via an oral or vaginal route at once.
  • Look for the doctor after fourteen days gap for finally confirming your abortion.

RU-486 ought not to be used in ectopic maternity case. Don't use if you have inserted intrauterine devices if you're using anticoagulants if you have been plagued by endocrine gland drawback and genetic defect. Stop an abortion if you've got a hepatic disease, urinary organ disorder, and cardiac disorder. RU-486 ought to be stopped in case of hyperallergies. Before and after having an abortion with RU-486, it's suggested to use fruit juices to gain strength. Impede the usage of fruit juice after you are undergoing abortion with RU-486 because it will increase sick effects.

Common sick effects with RU-486 are light-headedness, quick pulse rate, abdominal drawback, fatigue, weakness, serious vaginal flow, vaginal discomfort, dizziness, drowsiness, sickness, or sluggishness.

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