You are young, married, but your married life is not happening. You and your mate are struggling in your marriage. There have been many problems in your married life and so you are at the edge of divorce. Now you are staying away from your partner since 15 days and waiting till you get a divorce from him. In the meantime, you have met a man who was your college friend and liked you. When he knew about your case, he felt worried. He wanted to marry you and has proposed to you. You both are waiting till you get a divorce. However, from few days, you noticed some nausea and vomiting. There is a suspicion that you might be pregnant. In this stage of turmoil, you do not want to get pregnant of your ex-husband's child. You fear to tell your ex-husband as well as your boyfriend regarding your gestation. Because of this, you have taken the decision of an abortion with MTP Kit. After using it, your fetus has been expelled out from the uterus. Now you are relieved and happy. If you would not have done this, it might have interrupted your divorce and may be your new partner would leave you or he would not take care of your child.

MTP Kit is recommended only when you have a pregnancy of less than nine weeks. MTP Kit is a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Those medications function so as to expel out your fetus of less than nine weeks. Our body has progesterone that is released and functions by supplying nutrition towards the fetus. With this, there occurs the growth of the fetus. The main role of Mifepristone is to hinder the progesterone activity and so there is a stop in nutrition supply that ultimately results in the death of the fetus. Later Misoprostol usage brings in contraction of the uterus resulting in the expulsion of the fetus from the uterus.

MTP Kit Online

Firstly, on day one you must take a single pill of Mifepristone orally, dose 200 mg each. After maintaining a gap of two days, on day three consume Misoprostol four pills vaginally or orally with water, each pill of 200 mcg. Number the days starting from the first day of Mifepristone use, and after fourteen days, take doctor help in order to confirm your abortion.

For the safety of your health, you should keep in mind certain precautions and contradictions: Take out your IUD's before going for an abortion. Cease abortion in an ectopic maternity case. You may feel giddy, so avoid harsh work. Recover the weakness of your body with fresh fruit juices. Shun this medication when you are allergic to this drug. Report your medical related problems such as porphyria, unknown abdomen growth, and chronic adrenal malfunction to the doctor.

Possible consequences that may happen with the usage of MTP Kit are vaginal cramps, tiredness, pain in the back, vomiting, vaginal bleeding, tiredness, nausea, and giddiness.

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