Plan B is a contraception method, which is suggested to keep away from the tension of unwanted pregnancy. This drug supplied in the form of tablet, so it is very easy to take. Brand Plan B contains generic Levonorgestrel, which is a synthetic derivative of progestin hormone (which is a type of artificial form of female's hormone). This drug provides almost 98 % positive results. Generally, it is used in morning times, so it is also known "morning after pill" or "emergency contraceptive pill". This drug is a very famous for its working as it shows beneficial action within hours.

Generic Levonorgestrel works by preventing the ovulation (the release of an egg from an ovary) and changing the cervical mucus and uterine lining. By this action, the entry of sperm towards the uterus turns hard; this prevents the fertilized egg for attachment to the uterus. Plan-B is also used after the failure of other contraception methods such as breakage of condom, missing two or more birth control pills and breakage of vaginal rings.

Birth control pills prevent your unwanted pregnancy and they are very safe or secure way to avert form unintended pregnancy. Some of advantages of this drug is as follows

  • It is supplied in the form of tablet, so it is very easy to use.
  • There is no need of doctors for this purpose; hence it is save your money.
  • Plan-B gives you effective results, so it is no need take tension of pregnancy after taking this drug.

Now there is no need of doctor's suggestions for the contraception, use Plan B. It is a best method to avoid unintended gestation.

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How you should take Plan-B?

Plan-B is marketed in the form of tablet, so it should be taken via oral route along with a sufficient amount of water. The dose of this drug should be taken as soon as possible after the protected physical intimacy, but not more than 72 hours. If you take this drug after 72 hours then it will not show any effects. After taking this drug, take another tablet of Plan-B after 12hours. If you have vomited out the tablets then take again for the prevention of pregnancy.

User may feel some side effects after the consumption of this drug such as muscle cramps, pain in the pelvis, dizziness, nausea, tenderness of the breasts, vomiting, unusual tiredness or weakness, headache, abdominal or stomach pain and stopping of menstrual bleeding.

What type precautions should be taken while using Plan B?

  • Individual who are allergic towards generic Levonorgestrel should avoid the use of this drug otherwise; it may produce hypersensitive reactions.
  • If you are already pregnant then you are not eligible to take this medicine.
  • Females who are under the age of 16 years should avoid the use of this drug.
  • Avoid driving after the use of this drug as it may produce sleepiness and dizziness.
  • Breast feeding mothers should avoid the use of this drug as this drug passes into the breast milk, which can affect your baby.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol after taking this drug as it may amplify the risk of side effects.
  • Females who had a recent history of stroke and bleeding in brain should avoid the use of this drug.

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