Smart women choose to enjoy better, healthier and safer sensual life and for that, they separate lovemaking from childbearing and pregnancy. Not every couple is ready to take responsibility of a baby, involving in cozy sessions does not mean that you are ready to have a baby. A pregnancy needs extra care, extra finances, extra time, extra attention and extra efforts. While lovemaking is the need of body as when a couple comes in a relationship their body starts reminding them that their love needs to be proved by the body. Getting intimate is not in their hands but not to get pregnant is surely in their hands. Well, it is not only man’s responsibility to take care of contraception but its woman too. If she uses birth control pills on regular basis then she did not need to be dependent on her man’s protection. In this way, she can enjoy her sensual life without taking extra burden of pregnancy tension.

A woman has a complete right to her body. She can control herself in a way she wants. If her body or her mind does not allow her to be a mother then she can make a choice of not getting pregnant. There are many other options for contraception in the market but intimacy not always happens after a lot of planning and plotting. Therefore a woman needs a protection that can save her from the pregnancy of all time lovemaking. This can only be possible with the use of birth control pills like– Yasmin.

Yasmin is a very popular contraception way or birth control pills that help a woman to plan her life accordingly. She can choose when she wants to be a mother or how much time she needs to be a mother. By using these pills she can remain active in her sensual life and without worrying about pregnancy. Family planning is the right name given to Yasmin pills because it allows her to decide the number of the family by planning her baby accordingly. After using these pills she can also decides how much gap should be kept in between the babies, and also when she wants to stop getting pregnant. Basically working on Yasmin pills completely depends on two generic medicines namely Drospirenone and Ethinyl-estradiol.

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The action mechanism of both the functional moieties of Yasmin starts by blocking the discharge of egg at the time of menstrual cycle thus retarding the ovulation process. This medicine also enhances the viscosity of vaginal fluid that creates difficulty for sperm to get attached to egg resulting in no fertilization. By chance, if fertilization happens, then it also alters the lining of the uterus so that fertilized egg does not place into the uterus causing the easy expulsion of an egg from the female body.

On tearing up the packet of Yasmin, you will get 28 pills of which 21 are named as active pills or hormonal tablets and 7 pills are named as reminder pills or non-hormonal tablets. She needs to take a single active pill once daily for continuous 21 days and after finishing the last active pill she needs to take the reminder pills once a day for the uninterrupted 7 days. Just in 3 days, after taking last hormonal pill she will get the periods. Without disregarding of her periods, she needs to start with a new pack of Yasmin on next day.

Some of the females have complained about the side effects of Yasmin such as a headache, breast tenderness, biliousness, irregular period’s cycle, sickness, vomiting, and anxieties. She can be safe by following these cautious measures like use of Yasmin is not allowed during pregnancy. Avoid smoking as it may increase the risk of blood clotting.

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