Intimacy is a beautiful, pleasing moment between the couples that is not always meant before having a preplanned arrangement and that may sometimes happen suddenly or unexpectedly. Without promptly or studiously thinking over the risk of unplanned pregnancy, the couple might recklessly ignores the use of precautionary measures like use condom or any other means, and  subsequently they fall in trap with a feeling of worried, distress and phobic states that bring about unexpected pregnancy. Couple to; sort out this pitiable situation looks for the best, safe and feasible approach to easily prevent pregnancy. 

Various commercially available brands of emergency contraceptives pills are sold in the market which is widely used from all around the world without any need of prescription. The use of these oral contraceptive pills is tremendously embraced nowadays by females, and that brought about a revolution in this contemporary world.

The effective, secure and reliable features of Plan B pave the way for its highest selling brands among emergency contraceptive that exhibits its most beneficial effects against unplanned pregnancy. This synthetic oral contraceptive pill contains functional analogue of female hormone, termed as Levonorgestrel, a key pharmaceutical ingredient. Plan B can be a medical as well as moral gift conduct emergency contraception for those women who don't want to have an unexpected pregnancy.

How it works?

Plan B act in an outstanding and effective way to terminate pregnancy by preventing ovulation and subsequently to completely target pregnancy; it prevents egg from fertilization with sperm. It also acts upon by affecting the implantation of blastocyst.

What are the dose regimens of Plan B?

Plan B is commercially available in oral formulation that should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse for termination of pregnancy. Plan B contains two tablets; a female should take dose through the mouth, by consuming it with water and with or without having meal then after 12 hours, she should take another tablet. If vomit occurs within 2 hours after taking this dosage form by a woman and consult your doctor. This therapy should be administered within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.


What are the possible side effects of Plan B?

Clinical trials shows some momentary side effects of Plan B in few ladies, these are  diarrhea, , breast tenderness, dizziness, headache, fatigue, abdominal changes and menstrual irregularities. But interestingly these are well tolerable and every woman who is taking the drug does not respond to this medication.

What are the important information regarding Plan B?

Women should avoid this drug if she is having allergic to this drug or any of the similar categories of drugs and also she should not take it in case of, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and lactation period or in pregnancy that has already took place. Taking Plan B with anticonvulsant medications, barbiturate and Rifampin may cause harmful effect in the body. But one important thing is that you should not take this drug to promote abortion in case you are become pregnant. This drug is also not being taken once the implantation occurs; so this dosage form should not be taken to inhibit the growth of fetus to avoid pregnancy.

Where you can buy Plan B?

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