Mifeprex is a successful medicine, which is used in the termination of unwanted pregnancy. It contains Mifepristone as a vital ingredient. In simple way, we can say that it is an abortion pill. Abortion is a procedure in which pregnancy is terminated by some methods or generally it is a process of aborting a child. It can be done by surgical or non-surgical method. Surgical method of abortion is used in ancient times. It is costly and it requires hospitalization. It may cause infections and harm the health of female. But non-surgical method or medicated method of abortion do not require any hospitalization and it is cheaper in cost.

Medicated method of abortion does not cause any health harm in the females. In medicated method, a female can use oral tablets like Mifeprex. It is useful to perform a safe and successful abortion almost in every case. Abortion is a necessary process in some cases like relationship issues, forceful intercourse and contraception failure. A female, who consider abortion, feels nervousness and fear, but use of medications to perform abortion diminishes all these factors like nervousness or fear. It is reliable method and also effective in early stages of pregnancy. Mifeprex is used to terminate pregnancy which is lesser than 49 days.

Pregnancy is occurred by the activity of natural hormones. Pregnancy can be stopped by various methods which inhibit the activity of natural hormone progesterone. This hormone is responsible for the attachment of uterus and fetus, after this it provides nourishment to the fetus. By this a pregnancy is continue and results in the child birth.


Mifepristone, the main key constituent of Mifeprex is a steroidal compound. It has anti-progesterone activity. For the termination of pregnancy, prevention of progesterone activity is necessary step. Mifepristone perform this prevention activity. It attached to the receptors of progesterone and prevents the action of endogenous or exogenous progesterone. By this action uterus expel out the fetus. In this way pregnancy does not remain continue. Sometimes for best result or to complete the termination of pregnancy, Misoprostol is also administered by some females which promote elimination of fetus by inducing contraction of uterine muscles. In this way Mifeprex is safe and secure medication which provides a successful abortion.

Mifeprex is available in the oral dosage form which can be used with ease. A female can consume this medication with or without food but for best result she should take it with an empty stomach. On day 1, she should take three tablet of Mifepristone of Mifeprex orally as a single dose. This each tablet contains 200mg of Mifepristone. On day three she should undergo a clinical examination which gives results for termination of pregnancy. In case, if the female is still pregnant then she should take two tablets of Misoprostol. Each tablet of Misoprostol contains 200mcg of Misoprostol. On day 14 she should confirm the abortion with a clinical investigation.

Mifeprex may cause some side effects in females like bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, cramping and fever.

You should not take Mifeprex in certain issues such as while you are taking anticoagulant, ectopic pregnancy, blood related disorders, Addison's disease, IUD in place and hypersensitive to this medication.

Before using Mifeprex tablets, the females should remember some safety tips; such as she should not smoke and drink alcohol. She should use this drug with extreme care in case of breastfeeding and in case of issues related to kidney, liver or heart. Other drugs like antifungal, antiepileptic and anticoagulant, should not be used with this drug.

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