Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which a man is unable to get or maintain an erection long enough for satisfactory sensual activity. It has become a common problem that is affecting at least one in ten men across all ages in all countries. This problem has become global and can happen with any man or it can be situational when a man loses erection for some situations. Take an example, the man is having good erections on starting but in mid he fails to hold it and suddenly lose it before taking his woman to orgasm. A man dealing with erection failure often feels tensed and nervous that he is finding it difficult to discuss the situation even with his loved one. He may manipulate the events so that he can avoid the sensual intercourse chances. He may stay up late at night so that his partner has already asleep before he reaches to bed or he works for longer hours than usual at office place.

A man may also invite his friends and relatives to the house regularly so that there is no chance of private moments and his partner. He may also go out during the day so that this woman does not approach him sensually. How can we forget a good excuse that a man makes “a headache” when it comes to getting intimate?  

A man facing continuous erection failure can take Vidalista to say bye to “erectile difficulty”. This medicine is responsible for giving a rigid erection to a man so that he can take an intimate session to a height of satisfaction. As man becomes sure about his erection so he only focuses to make loving activities and do the naughty activity that pleases his woman. The other name given to Vidalista 40mg is “weekend pill” meant for impotency because after taking it man can easily make a loving session for a long duration of 36 hours. The basic key component present in Vidalista is Generic Tadalafil.

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Working of Vidalista starts by blocking the action of enzyme PDE5 that means this drug prevents the break down the molecules of cGMP. During sensual arousal, nitric oxide starts discharging from the body that is responsible for enhancing the concentration of cGMP in male sensual part. In turn, there is vasodilatation of blood vessels and relaxation of penile tissues so higher amount of blood goes in male secretive part resulting in rock hard erection.

The right dose of Vidalista for intake is 40 mg and 60 mg taken via oral route with excessive of water, about 30 to 45 minutes before getting intimate. Take one dose of it in a day and never repeat the dosing till next 3 days as the effects of this medicine remain for 36 hours in the body. This medicine can be taken in presence or absence of food but only point to remember is to avoid fatty meals.

Noxious effects of Vidalista are suffering from the abdomen, tiredness, stubbornness in the back, little bit swelling on face and feet and tremors in muscles. Therefore be careful by following some cautious measures like do not go for driving or doing such work that needs mental alertness as the use of this medicine makes you sleepy. Apart from it, this medicine can also not be used in case of allergy to any of its composition as it may cause unwanted malicious effects.

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