We know life is precious but what about a life that is non-essential or un-wanted. A life inside the womb that is undesired should not be brought into this world. There is no fun of bringing that life into this world when it is un-required. It is best to rid that in the womb only.

The un-wanted, un-required, un-important, terms for a new one come when a mother has some problems in bearing a child. She may already be blessed with many children. She may be unready and mentally unprepared for a new baby. Conceiving does not mean that a woman has done so willingly. She may conceive unknowingly or she may be pregnant due to non-usage of birth control pills. There is no need to take tension or stress once women is burdened with pregnancy threat. Nowadays, we have an option of MTP Kit. This Kit is best known for purpose of terminating a pregnancy that is below 9 weeks. One can have freedom of abortion with those pills.

This Abortion Pill is efficient pregnancy terminating kit which contains one Mifepristone pill and four Misoprostol pills. This kit is helpful in relieving you from undesired pregnancy. It works for those pregnancies whose duration is below 9 weeks. A hormone named progesterone is meant for transferring nutrition towards fetus for its growth and nourishment. Mifepristone ceases the functionality of progesterone hormone and so blocks this supply leading to the death of your fetus. Misoprostol results in contraction and dilation of fetus bringing out a fetus from your womb.

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First, intake Single Tablet of Mifepristone. Single Tablet having the strength of about 200 mg, have it with water orally. Keep a break of about two days, then on the third day have Four Tablets each having the strength of about 200 mcg, have it with water orally or vaginally. Keep a break again for around 14 days and on 14th day do have a physical examination to verify your abortion step.

Things that are known to be contraindicated are as:

  • You must never use this medication whenever you feel highly allergic towards this.
  • You must never use this medicine whenever you fall below 18 years of age group.
  • You must never use this medicine whenever you are taking anti-coagulants and corticosteroids.
  • You must never use this medicine whenever you are having bleeding disorder and porphyria.

Some precautionary advice to be followed always:

  • Bring your IUD's out from uterus prior to an abortion.
  • Excess of dizziness will happen after an abortion step so prohibit cumbersome activities.
  • Keep using healthy diet and juice to recover the losses happened.

Some common after effects that precipitate are as nausea, belly pain, vaginal bleeding, stomach cramps, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, and weakness.

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