It's been a time when you used to be love independence, was selfish apropos to accomplishment of your dreams and used to toil up day and night for attaining heights in your career. You were sporty and were busy in making checklist for discovering adventure, fun, love and liveliness in your relationship.

However, with continuous moving time, you have changed a lot. Now, you owe everything, you have that prestige in your working place for which you used to be hungry at one time. You have a stack of money in your account in the bank. You have visited approximately more than half of the holiday destinations you have jotted in your to-do list. You owe your own Lamborghini, own flat and have the very supporting, successful, dashing and handsome spouse.

In short, you have everything that a girl desires to have in her life. Are you still unhappy? Can I know why? The reason behind the emptiness in your heart is not having a successor of the property or the assets you made with your day and night effort. You have already crossed your 35 and still seeking the natural and other numerous ways to mark success in your TTC.

Now, wondering what to do? My answer is to visit your OB/GYN with your spouse and the get the gynecological examination is done to know where the fault is and strictly begin the use of prescription medicine HUCOG 5000IU if you encountering difficulty in ovulation process, not developing good quality. Men lack the number of sperm density in their semen can also take this medication. Not this, the brand HUCOG 10000 HCG Injection is very efficient in managing the disorder of Cryptorchidism in young boys, the medical issue in which the testicles of the men has not been descended to the scrotum usually.

HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the active module of the brand HUCOG 5000IU. The medicine works by stimulating the surge of Luteinizing Hormone in women, which causes the ovaries to release eggs and Testosterone in men to stimulate the production of sperm count and cure the dysfunction of Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism in men. By stimulating pituitary gland the medication facilitates the testicles to drop into the scrotum usually.

Hucog 5000iu HCG Injection

The dosing of HUCOG 5000IU to 10000IU following last day of menotropins when administered to women it repairs the process of ovulation in women and stimulates the ovarian follicles to release an egg for the implantation. Men on the other when injected the dose of 5000IU for 3 times in a week until the normal testosterone level is reached records a success in boosting the sperm population of the semen, thus enhance the chances of egg fertilization. A young boy, when administered the dose of 5000IU every other day for up to 4 doses, can successfully overcome the issue of Cryptorchidism.

Side effects that the individuals might experience after engulfing the dose of HUCOG are slight unhappy mood, agitation, gastric upset, nausea, headache, swelling in legs and hands, rapid gain in weight, fastening of breath, restlessness, and tenderness in breasts.

Precautions that people taking HUCOG 5000IU injection should prefer use only sterile syringe every single time you inject the dose, do not self-inject medicine if you don't know how to do. Do not use medication further if the color of the preparation seems to be different from that of earlier. Undergo gynecological examination prior going to a physician for the treatment. The administration of medicine sometimes results in multiple pregnancies in women.

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