Particularly teens or young who indulge in sexual activities to enjoy or out of interest they do not want to take the liabilities pregnancy or growing a child. Similarly, couples, who are psychologically prepared for a pregnancy or become parents, would advantage from an easy form of contraception. Therefore, in these situations, they decide to use the support of a trustworthy method or hormonal method. Some barrier method like a condom, copper t, etc physically evades the sperm from reaching the uterus and fertilizing an egg. However, the hormonal contraceptive method changes a women menstrual cycle to thwart conception.

Yasmin is a prominent contraceptive pill that helps women to stay away from unwanted gestation. This medicine is prepared of a combination of active ingredients like generic Ethinyl Estradiol (an estrogen) and Drospirenone (a progestin) as the main active ingredient that works to stop the formation of egg to thwart pregnancy. In addition, this medicine also suggested to mange periods more regular, lowers blood loss and painful periods and curtails the risk of developing ovarian cysts. The active constituent works by obstructing the formation of eggs in a menstrual cycle. Moreover, this also works by making vaginal fluid thicker so that the sperm gets prevented from reaching the egg (fertilization). This also causes changing in the lining of the uterus (womb) so that a fertilized egg could not get attached to the womb and as if a fertilized egg does not get connected to the uterus, it expels out of the body.

Yasmin birth control pill

The method of administration of Yasmin:

Yasmin pack is made up of 21 pills with active medicine (containing hormone) and 7 reminder pills (devoid of hormones). A woman has to consume one active pill regularly once in a day for 21 days continuously by finishing these pills she has to consume one reminder pill (without having any hormone) regularly once a day for seven days successively. After consumption of the seven reminder pills, women require beginning a new pack the next day whether or not she has her periods. When you miss the dose consult the doctor.

Possible side effects of Yasmin:

Some obnoxious may probably occur while taking this medicine such as a headache, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, weariness, mood changes, weight gain, and changes in menstrual periods. 

Preventive measures while using Yasmin:

Women who are breastfeeding or in pregnancy should not use the medicine as this may be harmful. Do not use the medicine if you are oversensitive to any ingredient in the medicine and discuss with the doctor if you are suffering from any clinical conditions, uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart disease, blood clotting disorder and migraine headaches. Refrain using alcohol consumption or any other sedative products along with this medicine. While using this medicine always remain in contact with the doctor and immediately contact if you face any kind of unusual thing.

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