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Acnelak CL Z Cream

Buy Acnelak CL Z Cream - Clindamycin and Zinc Acetate Online

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Brief description on Acnelak CLZ cream

Acnelak CLZ cream is only intended for topical use, which is used for treating moderate to severe acne or pimples, which is developed due to bacteria, microorganism, and unclean environment. Generic Clindamycin phosphate and Zinc acetate are two main active components of Acnelak cream. Clindamycin categorized under the class of Lincomycin Antibiotics.

Active working of Acnelak CLZ Cream

  • Clindamycin inhibits the formation of acne and its marks, blemishes, scars, ageing spots and it gives pimple-free and oil-free skin.
  • Zinc acetate helps in building up the immunity against infections and it plays an energetic role in cell division, cell growth, wound healing and breakdown of carbohydrates.

Method of application of Acnelak CLZ Cream

  • Acnelak is strictly suggested to apply two times a day, i.e.  Morning and evening.
  • Before using Acnelak cream, appropriately rinse your face with cleanser and eliminate your makeup.
  • Apply a pea size of cream on your affected area and spread in a uniform layer.
  • To get positive and desired results, you have to apply Acnelak cream regularly until you don’t get relief from acne.

Contraindications of Acnelak CLZ Cream

Do not apply Acnelak cream if you have hypersensitivity towards generic Clindamycin and Zinc acetate, if you have eczema, psoriasis, cut, lesions, burns, and sunburned.

Interactions with Acnelak CLZ Cream

Following drugs may intearct with Acnelak like Astringents, lime or menthol containing drugs, resorcinol, alcohol and salicylic acid containing cosmetic products.

Proper storage Conditions of Acnelak CLZ Cream

  • Store Acnelak cream away from the direct contact of heat or sunrays and humidity.
  • Keep this cream away from the reach and view of children.

Adverse effects of Acnelak CLZ Cream

More general detrimental effects of Acnelak cream-

  • Skin dryness
  • Skin itching
  • Burning sensation on the skin
  • Redness of the skin
  • Inflammation sensation
  • Skin irritation

Be vigilant while applying Acnelak CLZ Cream

  • No need to apply Acnelak cream into the eyes, nose or lips.
  • After using this cream, tightly close cap of tube.
  • Use of makeup and any other cosmetic products like foundation, face powder, skin-fairness cream is strictly not allowed on your face while using Acnelak cream.
  • Before going outside daytime, use sunscreen cream or lotion on your face and hands to prevent suntan.
  • No need to use harsh chemical containing soap and face wash while you are on Acnelak cream.
  • During lactation and pregnancy, avoid the use of Acnelak cream. 

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