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Buy Norethindrone Online | Norethindrone(Norethisterone) - Birth Control Pills

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Norethindrone Acetate - Birth Control Pill

Norethindrone birth control pills or also known as Norethisterone is a syntheticaly derived  form of Progesterone (female hormone). A steroidal progestin and antigonadotropic so is used in various indications like painful menstrual cycles with heavy bleeding conditions particularly seen in endometriosis. This is also promoted with the brand name of Primolut-N and Utovlan. The drug help to reduce pain and blood loss and used as contraception. Norethindrone helps in preventing pregnancy and hormonal imbalance which also brings hirsutism and acne problems. 

Mechanism of Action of Norethisterone Birth Control Pills:

Norethindrone is a synthetic hormone and modulates the progesterone actions; it inhibits the action of ovulation and has weak androgenic action. The drug acts on the endometrium and inhibits the growth and as progesterone helps in maintaining pregnancy and nutrition supply which prepare the endometrium for pregnancy. So it shreds down the endometrium.

Contraindication of Norethisterone Birth Control Pills:

The drug is restricted to males and females more than 35 year age should not take the medicine. If patient smokes there are chances of increased risk of blood clots and heart attack. Patient allergic to ingredient of drug should not take the medicine.

Interaction of Norethindrone Birth Control Pills:

Some drugs make the drug less efficient and there are possibilities of getting pregnant the list of following drug effect the drug action: Griseofulvin, Rifampin, Ketoconzole, barbiturates and the drug which are used in viral infections or HIV indications like Nelfinavir, Ritonavir, and Lexiva.

Dossier of Norethindrone Birth Control Pills:

One tablet for a day or one may take the tablet as prescribed by the physician. If you have missed the dose take the dose when you make it out. If the dose is close to the next dose take the dose and carry on with normal dossier. If you missed the dose in 3rd week then you should go for other options for contraception like use of Condoms or spermicidal drugs.

One should take the medicine whole by swallowing the pill with plain water without any concern of meal or food. Dose may vary according to the medical conditions in certain conditions. You should follow doctor's guideline or prescription.

Storage of Norethisterone Birth Control Pills:

Store the drug Norethisterone in moist free area and shady places, keep the drug below 30˚c.

Adverse Effects of Norethindrone Birth Control Pills:

After administration of drug Norethindrone, one may experience following side effects like: Nausea or bloating of stomach and cramps. Breast tenderness and swelling can also be seen in certain conditions. Patients get dizzy, increased acne and hair growth, or freckles seen in certain conditions. Mild headache and change in sex drive or periods timing. Some time patient has suffers hives and swelling of face throat and joints.

Precautions of Norethisterone Birth Control Pills:

  • Women planning for pregnancy or pregnant lady should not administer the drug.
  • Patient with hepatic and renal disorder should not take the medicine.
  • Women lactating or breastfeeding should not take the drug.
  • Patient having hereditary disorder of venous or arterial thrombotic or deep venous thrombosis should avoid the medicine.

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